How Can Bike Modifications Affect Your Bike Insurance Policy

How Can Bike Modifications Affect Your Bike Insurance Policy

Bike owners can add unique touches to their bikes by modifying them after they buy bike insurance. This has emerged as a very prevalent issue for many two-wheeler owners. Some people are so committed to it that they learn the technical details and carry it out independently. As long as you prioritise your security and the security of your vehicle, you are free to do whatever you want with your bike. Now that you’ve decided to modify your bike, you must take every precaution to keep it safe. One surefire way to do that is to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Instead, you can adjust your bike by understanding how the modifications affect your premium cost. *

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What Kinds Of Bike Modifications Are There, And How Do They Affect Your Insurance? 

• Appearance Enhancement Modification

Your bike becomes more visually appealing when you change its appearance, but it also increases its risk of being stolen. This automatically classifies your bike as high-risk, which increases the likelihood that you will submit a claim. As a result, the insurer increases your premium because your bike’s overall value has also increased due to cosmetic modification.

• Performance Enhancement Modification 

The most frequent performance-enhancing bike modifications involve installing mechanisms that increase speed. Due to these modifications, insurers may view your bike as a high-risk purchase. No matter how confident you are in your ability to ride, the insurer will inevitably raise your premium costs if your bike can travel at high speeds.

Do All Bike Modifications Raise Insurance Costs? 

Not every bike modification raises the premium costs of your bike insurance. You may qualify for lower premium rates by modifying your bike. ##

  • Security Modifications 

Installing anti-theft devices increases your bike’s security and demonstrates your responsibility to insurers. Because security upgrades make your motorcycle safer, you fall into the low-risk candidate category. You may receive lower premium rates from the insurer or be able to negotiate a deal that meets your needs. ##

  • Modifications For The Disabled

If you modify your bike due to a disability, the insurer might not charge you a high premium or a particular concession. This guarantees that everyone can own and operate a two-wheeled vehicle without interference. 

Things To Consider Before Modifying Your Bike 

The insurer should be made aware of the changes you make. You should contact your insurer before you modify your bike to get an idea of your two-wheeler premiums after the modification.

Bike modifications directly impact your vehicle’s IDV, raising your premium simultaneously. You are free to add changes of your choice when creating your bike, but you are not allowed to change the original design. Every modification you make to your bike should consider the specifications the manufacturer added to the vehicle’s registration certificate. You can stay updated by doing a bike insurance check on an insurance app.

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