How Have MOOCs Helped Students in Increasing Creative Writing Skills?

How Have MOOCs Helped Students in Increasing Creative Writing Skills

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) with large scale interactive web systems. In easy words, it is a virtual classroom system. This mode of learning provides online resources for learning. This system uses many interactive social, classroom learning and practical applications. You can rather say it is a digital classroom with access to a vast list of learning resources. The guidance of learning practitioners is also available for the students. Most of the teacher-student relationship is virtual. They also guide for improving creative writing skills, technical writing etc.

In literature, creative writing has different elements than technical writing. Most educational institutes use technical writing as a tool of learning and evaluation. The MOOCs provide students with the skills for creative writing. Teachers and educators are available for answering the questions. Students can easily contact educators via email or web addresses. These digital courses help to build confidence, learning attitude and creative writing skills in students. The important aspects of creative writing are as follows

  • It should attract the audience
  • The nature of the content is original and self-expression
  • It has many different elements of writing than technical and academic writing
  • It does not present factual and statistical information
  • It presents emotions, narratives, perceptions, arguments and ideas
  • There is no factual or statistical information
  • It also presents the emotions, feelings, and author’s personal experience.

MOOCs is more of individualized learning practice. It develops creative writing skills in its students. The curriculum of the digital MOOCs is available for the public. The outcome of the learning is also given with complete transparency. The individualized approach to learning develops many skills among students. One of the main skills is creative writing. The article explores how MOOCs help in developing creative writing skills among students.

Building Creative Writing skills

MOOCs have several subjects and coursework schedules to select from. The creative writing courses help the students to write fictional and non-fictional content. It guides them to tools to achieve the goals of writing and learning. It helps them strengthen their fluency in writing and get comfort and confidence in themselves. There are many types of creative writing, for example, poetry, noel and storytelling. Some of the literature uses creative writing in technical aspects as well. The specialized courses in creative writing will give you related resources.

The tools for grammatical correction will also be available with proper access information. Other than this, MOOCs also give access to licensed published content. Overseeing the already peer-reviewed content helps in developing your own ideas. If the students have timely access to the informative resources, it can polish them better. The poetic writing storytelling courses have their own pros regarding creative writing skills. MOOCs also have a number of creative writing courses. It gives more precision to the skill development.

Developing Individualized Learning Approach

Creative writing is the art of making things up that is imagination. It has a different writing style than academic writing. It still has some technical aspects to its content that builds with experience. Students can learn about these skills in MOOCs special courses and expert advice.  The purpose of creative writing is to entertain, attract the audience and share the experience. The courses are designed for the students as a self-guidance. Students can find their way through the course easily. It has diverse options of courses to choose from.

It also provides all the online resources in the form of videos and audio. Personal guidance from professional educators is also available. Teachers can help to point out the mistakes and guide for improvement measures. The registration process of these courses is also free of cost. Registered students get access to many educational resources. They can set their own time for learning.

Creative Essay Writing in an Academic Career

The MOOCs courses help to develop the best creative and logical essays. The course can help the students to use the learnt skills in an academic career as well. Essay writing is an important part of academic writing. Creative writing courses from MOOCs can help to write a quality essay. It can help with narrative, reflective, argumentative and ideological essays. The online accessible resources will provide unlimited knowledge and information. The grammatical and other language tools can help refine the essay.

It will remove the grammatical and spelling mistakes, which are very serious in academic essays. Creative writing skills play its role in the development of themes from the research. The conversational dialogue is written with an aim to comedy the direct message to the audience. Many types of creative writing poetry, novel writing, and technical essays use these elements. Academic essays also use elements of dialogue writing and thematic analysis as well. Application of these elements in academic essays marks good grades.

Professional Help and Learning Mindset

The educators, as well as professionals at coursework writing services, help guide the students with specific goals of improving creative writing skills. The virtual help from people with years of experience is a gem in this manner. There are no time constraints. Learners are free to engage with the teachers for guidance. The practice and knowledge of virtual learning will develop self-regulatory skills. Students will be able to analyze the daily academic activities by themselves. It will make them tablet o manage the academic tasks with ease.

Access to Knowledge And Sources

The MOOCs are free registetererd courses. They have online access to many resources and tools of learning. Students can also benefit from these resources. Signing up for the MOOCs courses will give dual benefits. Students will get to learn additional skills like creative writing. It has many academic benefits as well. Second, students can access many inaccessible sources of knowledge.


In conclusion, creative writing skills is an important tool for technical and non-technical writing. MOOCs give special courses to polish these skills. These courses and resources of information can help students in academics as well.