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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is used to communicate easily with people of any foreign language. In few cases, English is considered to be easily understood by others. Students can learn this language easily in their childhood and teachers can make this language more lively by teaching them in the form of stories and songs. Students get attracted to interactive mode of learning and they memorise this for a longer duration.

Teachers can also make students write about their favourite things in the form of an essay so that they can develop their language and writing skills. Essay in english is beneficial for students to get a command of the language and develop interest towards it. Some students develop interest in writing and make a career in the same field.

Students should be taught some stories with a moral in it by teachers or parents and then they must be told to write an essay about the story. Among various stories, let’s discuss a story known as “The ant and the grasshopper”. There was an ant and a grasshopper, the grasshopper was always seen singing and chilling out in its place whereas the ant used to work for its food. The ant used to move along to fetch food and store in its place. The grasshopper asked the ant to come and relax along with him instead of working all the time. To this ant replied saying it likes to work for the present and future. After a few days there was heavy rainfall and the grasshopper hut and its belongings washed away completely. On the other hand the ant had a secured place and had food stocked up for the whole season. Looking at this, the grasshopper felt bad for its laziness and carelessness for not stocking up food and securing a place for future and wasted time in chilling. It felt ashamed for itself and due to lack of food it starved. The ant out of good will invited the grasshopper to stay at its place and have food till the weather went normal.

The ant and the grasshopper story teaches about the hardworking nature one should have and how everyone should think about the future security. Despite being successful, the ant did not leave its ethics and helped the grasshopper by sharing its food and place. Children should learn such moral values from these short stories.and carry throughout their life. Essay in english develops the qualities such as writing moral stories for children, explaining about real values in life in a simpler way. It also showcases serious things that are required in life in a way that children can relate to. The ant and the grasshopper story also speaks about the responsibility every person should have and how they must act towards the goal daily without leaving it. The story also explains how a person should predict the future and act towards safeguarding it rather than being careless about it.


Essay in english is important for children to understand the English language easily and learn about the sentence structure perfectly. Short stories help to develop the language easily and make the language learning creative for students. English should be treated as a way of communication rather than just a language in the curriculum.


  1. What is the central message of the ant and the grasshopper?

‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ teaches us about putting work before play because it’s more important to do the things you need to before doing the things you want to. In contrast to the last theme, maybe you know someone who’s all work, work, work all the time.

  1. What are the best tips for Essay Writing?

Make sure the content is well researched, and the information accuracy is thoroughly checked. The essay should be written in a way that the user finds interesting and develops enthusiasm in them to finish it completely. The first paragraph is the eye catcher for a user hence it should be written in an interesting way.